Mary Washington Medicare Advantage



Date: September 25, 2019

To: Mary Washington Health Alliance and Mary Washington Medicare Advantage Providers

From: Dr. McDermott, President and CEO;

Travis Turner, SVP and Chief Population Health Officer;

Dr. Janus, Chief Medical Officer, Mary Washington Medicare Advantage

This communication is to remind our providers of the activities and important milestones that have been discussed over the past few weeks concerning the launch of the Mary Washington Medicare Advantage Plan (MWMA). October 1st is fast approaching, and we want to ensure that all MWMA Providers are aware of the important activities that will occur in October.

Multiple Affiliation Letters will be sent to your patients, with the initial letter arriving in early October, making them aware of your participation in the MWMA Plan. As previously discussed, your names, logos, and addresses will appear on the letter. We have also included a “Talking Medicare,” reference sheet in case your patients ask you questions:

- You can refer them to the enrollment brochure and materials in your office.

- You may converse with the patient using the, “Talking Medicare Dos and Don’ts.”

- If you have urgent questions feel free to contact us by email or phone: Chris Skowronek (919-485-9290) or Yolanda Robinson (636-686-9557).

Experienced and vetted, Medicare Insurance Agents, have been selected to support our practices. If you have not yet been able to meet them, they are available for individual meetings. Please contact Tim Hicks ( MWMA Broker Sales Manager, to schedule a meeting.

Enrollment and Marketing Materials will be distributed to your offices starting October 1st. Materials will be delivered by MWMA staff, select insurance agents, and MWHC staff. Chris Skowronek (, MWMA VP, Health Plan Operations, Yolanda Robinson (, MWMA Population Health Manager and Tim Hicks (, MWMA Broker Sales Manager will be available to answer any questions you or your staff might have.

The MWMA Provider Directory, which includes all participating plan providers, and Plan Benefit Designs will be available October 1st, and accessible on the MWMA Provider Portal (, and

We are excited about the launch and optimistic about the reception from beneficiaries and the community. Our success relies heavily on your support and the support of your office staff, so thank you in advance. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of us with questions or requests.

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