10 Next General ACO Fast Facts

Ten Next Generation ACO Fast Facts

Submitted by Nick Giardina on Fri, 09/07/2018 - 14:55

  1. There were 18 active NGACOs in 2016, with 15 having prior Medicare ACO experience
  2. These 18 NGACOs served 477,197 beneficiaries, with 31,070 network providers and 775 network facilities
  3. In aggregate, NGACOs served three percent of total Medicare beneficiaries in all markets
  4. On average, a 2016 NGACO served about 26,500 aligned beneficiaries (median of 24,219 beneficiaries)
  5. NGACOs are associated with a 1.7% reduction in Medicare spending for aligned beneficiaries totaling $100.08 million (1.1% reduction after shared savings payment went to NGACOs)
  6. The estimated gross reduction in Medicare spending with $18.20 per beneficiary per month ($11.20 reduction after $7.00 in shared savings went to NGACOs)
  7. NGACOs experienced 1.7/1,000 fewer IP Hospital Days (1.3% reduction) and 20.4/1,000 more wellness visits per year (11.9% increase)
  8. Nine NGACOs are in highly concentrated markets, dominated by one or a few hospital systems
  9. Twenty-four percent of the 2016 NGACO participating providers’ Medicare FFS revenue from paid QEM visits was generated from care provided to NGACO-aligned beneficiaries.
  10. Seventy-one percent of aligned beneficiaries’ paid QEM visits were within their respective NGACO provider networks, compared with forty percent of the comparison group’s

Source: Next Generation Accountable Care Organization (NGACO) Model Evaluation First Annual Report
Source URL: https://innovation.cms.gov/Files/reports/nextgenaco-firstann...

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