Alliance Facts

Hospital and provider collaboration is a necessity to benefit patients in the transition from “fee-for-service” care to value-based healthcare. Historically, physicians and hospitals were paid regardless of the quality of treatment the patient received. Families have paid thousands of dollars even when their physicians made incorrect diagnoses, ordered redundant imaging tests, or had other clinical misadventures that may have ended up doing patients more harm than good. Mary Washington Health Alliance and the Affordable Care Act are helping to change this practice by transitioning to value-based care.

In value-based care, a network of healthcare professionals work collaboratively to coordinate care and ensure you receive optimal treatment. This not only increases the quality of care, but reduces costs by allowing patients to receive all their care under one umbrella, rather than searching for specialists in different facilities accepting different insurance plans.

Higher Quality, Trustworthy Service

As a healthcare network, Mary Washington Health Alliance can focus on quality by granting patients access to numerous resources that can better pinpoint the best way to facilitate care. We hold our stakeholders accountable and promote the implementation of best medical practices. Our physicians are held accountable for the quality of their work and are educated about and encouraged to adhere to evidence-based and guideline-driven practices that have proven to be the most efficient and effective method of treating a patient’s condition.

Physicians play a large role in the governance of our network. Working collaboratively, medical professionals discuss treatment methods, remain engaged in the network, and follow the decisions made within it. In this system, doctors can pool their knowledge and experience to provide patients with better care.


Our network model is designed to benefit the patient, community, and Mary Washington Health Alliance.

The inner workings of our network ensure:

  • Strong commitment to a physician-led organizational structure in the Alliance
  • Patient Care initiatives that demonstrate value across payers and employers
  • A mechanism and culture that holds providers accountable to care standards
  • A Technological infrastructure that improves the exchange of patient treatment data
  • Appropriate levels of engagement with our local payers and employers including, foremost, Mary Washington Healthcare
  • Compliance with legal statutes and precedents

We continue to collaborate with the physicians and the healthcare system to ensure that future contracting methodologies remain beneficial to all parties involved.