About Mary Washington Health Alliance

The American healthcare system is gradually moving away from the “fee-for-service” model where patients are individually billed for every medical service they receive. Physicians and hospitals have come to realize that greater collaboration can vastly improve patient care and expedite administrative processes. Mary Washington Health Alliance helps to bridge the gap between medical provider and hospital operations and makes it easier for our patients to transition from one to the other as their treatment requires.

What We Do

Mary Washington Health Alliance was formed in 2013 and is the only Accountable Care Organization (ACO) in the Stafford and Fredericksburg areas. ACOs are a product of the Affordable Care Act intended to improve the quality of care and overall patient experience all while reducing unnecessary costs for medical providers, hospitals, and patients. We partner with health care providers who work with the Medicare program.

We manage over 75,000 Medicare beneficiaries connecting them with high quality medical providers who will provide them with evidence-based care and cost effective treatments. We partner with community stakeholders such as large employers and Commercial and Governmental Insurers in our efforts to transition medical patients from costly episodic based care to more efficient coordinated care, from reactive care to proactive care, and from transitional care to population health management.

Connecting Health Services

When you visit the hospital, you may receive several different bills from the various healthcare specialists involved in your treatment. We are striving to change that. When healthcare professionals are part of a single network, they can more easily exchange information and coordinate care to cut down on expenses. As a result, patients have access to more affordable services and can receive the care they need faster. We have made great strides in just a few short years, and continue to make healthcare simpler each and every day.

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