Board Members

Tom Janus, DO

MWHA Board Chair

Susan Holland, MD

Chair, Clinical Quality Committee

Kurian Thott, MD

Chair, Communications and Education Committee

Jeffrey Frazier, MD

Chair, Finance and Contracting Committee

Gregory Szlyk, MD

Chair, Information Technology Committee

Patrick McManus, MD

Chair, Nominating and Membership/Operations Committees

Robert Vranian, MD

Chair, Organizational Readiness Work Group

Charles Amory, MD

Sean Barden

Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, MWHC

Rebecca Bigoney, MD

Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, MWHC

Bill Boldon

Board Trustee, MWHC

Krishna Prasad Madiraju, MD, MDFAAP

Brian Thomas McDermott, MD

Michael McDermott, MD

President and Chief Executive Officer, MWHC

Adam H Sims, MD

Mark Alan Wenger, MD

Kenneth McDowell, DO

Daniel Woodford, MD